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Middle Eastern Street Food: A Love Affair


Avi Eli was raised in Israel where high-quality fast food is common. After eight years of living in the US–where fast food has become arguably synonymous with poor food–Avi found himself craving the food he grew up on. When he couldn’t find any local restaurants offering Middle Eastern street food up to snuff he started Mr. Shawarma.

Avi Eli Owner Mr Shawarma

Avi Eli, Owner

Welcome to the kitchen

Mr Shawarma Food to Eat
Mr. Shawarma’s menu is intentionally simple, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Every menu item has been mindfully added and meticulously tested to edible perfection. Only the highest quality ingredients are considered, including spices direct from Israel and halal meats. While higher quality demands higher costs, the difference in taste is unmistakeable.

Shawarma, Done Right


(yeah, we said it)



We're passionate about serving up the best Middle Eastern street food in the world, but don't take our word for it. Here's what the critics have to say:

Steve Attenweiler, The Virginia Pilot

“When we finished, all blissed out on flavor and falafel, my wife and I gave each other knowing looks, silently declaring that we had found a gem of a little spot to satisfy our future cravings for all things Middle Eastern. And we won't have to book flights to Tel Aviv to enjoy them.”
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Brendan Tompkins, Alt Daily

“When I eat [Mr. Shawarma], I feel like I’m being treated to thousands of years of Middle Eastern history in every bite. This is the kind of food that you crave, that you dream about, that you become addicted to.”
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Pravash M., Yelp

“Arguably the best falafel around. If you crave New York city street-style Mediterranean food, save yourself the time/money of air travel and visit this terrific local food spot–your tastebuds will be grateful.”
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